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Result driven digital marketing that gets quick results. We dominate your marketplace within the first 90 days.

Winning 365 Days A Year

Ranking for valuable keywords in Google search is the number one revenue driver for a local locksmith service.

We Make Your Business Grow

While most digital marketing companies will track impressions or views we track leads and revenue!

Why Us

How we do it

Gain Digital Marketing Advantages

Innovative strategies

We do things differently, dominating your marketplace is our goal. This means we bring to bear the most up-to-date and revolutionary technology for every client we work with, resulting in the best locksmith SEO you can get.

Results-Oriented Solutions

Strategic insights

We know when your business is winning because we track and report everything about your business online. Get the best locksmith digital marketing right here.
From Website Design to AdWords

We Are Full Service

Whether you need help with your website, increasing phone calls or just getting more traffic we’re here to help. No one size fits all campaigns here, we build customized marketing campaigns for service providers every day. If you are looking for the best SEO services or you want to run ads for your locksmith service, we have the knowledge and experience to make that happen quickly.

Complete with step by step ways to increase your local lead generation, grow your business and get more phone calls!


Case Studies

Silver State

Dominating Las Vegas for the Last Five Years With Us

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Mike did the most aggressive marketing possible with us and is ranking for hundreds of keywords while getting thousands of visitors a month online.
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About Us

Who we are

Experienced Digital Marketing Team

We are the experience behind your success online!

Having over a decade of experience running and managing a full service digital marketing agency, we wanted to move on to focus on one industry so we could truly be the best at what we do. Given the struggle of the industry and our proven track record, we decided to start our business with the sole focus of delivering the Best Locksmith SEO to our clients and watch their business grow.

We are not perfect, but perfectionism is the right word to describe one of our main core values when it comes to our digital marketing strategy. If you had the fastest website in your area for what you do with the greatest content and top back links then you would quickly be high in the first results of Google search. This is the type of SEO we do, better than the best, we don’t stop until you are number 1 for every locksmith keyword that is valuable to you.

Powerful Lead Generation

More Leads
Strong Calls To Action
Built with your specific offerings and desired customer as the guide, we call your web visits to take action as often as possible.
Dynamically Mobile

Every website we build goes through extensive quality testing on each and every mobile device screen size known to man.

With a background beating digital marketing companies in our space to the first page of Google Search we known how to build the perfect website for search engine optimization of a locksmith. Best Locksmith SEO is literally in our name, so we have to perform.

Locksmith Service Page Website Design Example
Built to Last

We use today’s best technology and take no shortcuts. You will be able to depend on your locksmith SEO website for decades to come.

Content Driven

We still can’t pick a lock and don’t expect you to be any good at writing content either. We prepare custom written content in house for your website needs.

We consistently can take a brand new locksmith company and dominate the most heavily competitive markets in the United States within the first year with them!
Why Us

Here Are A Few Of Our Awards

Best Locksmith SEO Awards
Some of our recent designs

Website Designs

The Locksmith
Silver State
ABC Lock & Safe

Frequently Asked Questions

Local search engine optimization for locksmiths is much the same as traditional search engine marketing. However, some major differences include being prepared for more strict guidelines on sites like Google and Bing as well as more directory citations on locksmith only directories. 

Applying decades of experience working specifically with locksmith campaigns we are able to quickly beat your competition. We focus on digital marketing campaigns that will be so perfect, they are not able to be out performed by anyone outside our marketing agency.

You do not want to have more than one Google my Business page for the same business and it's location. Meaning that if your second local page has the same phone number, address and business name then this would just be a duplicate page that would hurt and not help your business.

When your business has a separate location but under the same business name it needs to be at least 15 miles away from the next closest location. For good measure, you should also use a different phone number. Still other clients run multiple business names, phone numbers and websites so they can show up as often, as aggressively as possible.

Strictly no you do not. However, each individual and segmented landing page for the individual services you offer will make your business show more relevant information to a search user than if you did not. More information as long as it is relevant and useful is never a bad thing.

We take care of your suspended Google my Business page for your locksmith company quickly. With most of your business coming from online, you can't afford to miss a single day of online traffic.

Paid ads like Google AdWords can work great for locksmiths. But only if they are targeted correctly. Loose targeting means you'll catch all the business but at the cost of collecting a lot of non business terms at the same time. Narrow or segmented targeting means you will only spend your budget when you have a real, certain opportunity to get a new client.

Overall, many things work to marketing your locksmithing business online. Highlights on our major winners over the years have been generating reviews, posting new photos and staying as active with your social profiles online as possible.

Locksmith Marketing Tips

Tips For Your Marketing

Get More Phone Calls

If you’re a locksmith, you have one thing in common with every other competitor in the country, you’re all looking for more business. One of the best ways to get more phone calls is internet marketing. By advertising on the web in places like Google Maps, AdWords, and organic listings, your business could easily receive hundreds of phone calls a month from local search engine marketing.

How To Advertise

There are dozens of ways to advertise your locksmith business. In order to figure out what ways will work best for you, you’ll first want to figure out what kind of business you want to attract to your company. While many traditional forms of advertising exist, some are better suited for commercial leads over residential ones. Vehicle lockout leads are the easiest by far to get and often come from local searches. 

Blog Posts

Nothing will show your customers how experienced and capable your team is than detailed articles outlining actual customer jobs. You can add video of work done, customer feedback and photos that were actually taken in the zip codes and cities you’d like to receive more business in. This in turn is indexed by Google and will quickly make your business that much more relevant in valuable organic search results you can market your business with.

Special Key Cuts

By having your own custom key blanks and cutting, this will make certain that other competitors can never copy the keys you made for a customer in the future. While we’ve only met a few successful companies using this modification to key making, the ones that are doing this have some amazing customer retention. Many customers also appreciate the value of an extra security feature, meaning that if someone ever tried to duplicate a key of theirs without their knowledge they would not be able to do so.

Multiple Business Locations

While this may seem an expensive route to go, most locations we work with are receiving over 100 service calls monthly within their first few months of digital marketing services from us. This means that for every extra location, a minimum expectation would be 1200+ calls a year. Now does this seem a cost effective way to generate more business? With an average revenue per job of $150, this translates into an extra $180,000 annually and ample reason to setup a second or third location where you offer services.

Vinyl Wrapped Work Vehicles

Driving around town completing your normal work week in an unmarked work van? While the cost of a wrap can be as much as 2k to 3k, the investment pays for itself rather quickly when you get your first dozen calls or so. Also, as long as you pick a high quality vinyl wrap installer, you should be able to count on getting a steady flow of calls for about five years from when you first do this form of locksmith marketing for your company.

Digital Billboards

Traditional billboard advertisement can be expensive and is not meant for a one person business. Imagine spending 20k a year for branding, if you don’t get enough business then you invested in branding that is losing your company money. However, with a digital billboard display you can often show your ad to thousands of people in a day for under just 50 bucks.

Networking Groups

Popular networking groups are often filled with many more white collar industry professionals. Many just don’t have a locksmith as part of their network. Showing up at a local BNI chapter for example would give you access to real estate brokers, financial institution management and a lot of other business people who don’t have a steady relationship with a locksmith. This is especially good for a company looking for more commercial business.

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