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Locksmith Specific Strategies

We start by optimizing your Google My Business Page, images, offers and website. Within your first month you will see increases over the previous month.

Powerful Marketing

Our clients enjoy showing up on the first page of Google search in multiple sections. Instead of just making you rank in the local map pack as a locksmith we make certain you show up multiple times on the front page of Google search for valuable keywords.

Social Credibility

By making certain you show up as often as possible this builds social credibility. Imagine if you’re business showed up 3 or 4 times for a keyword in your city. You will not just be another option, but the best option for a search user looking for a locksmith service you offer.

Digital Experience

How We Do It

The Baseline

Starting on your campaign we will make certain we begin with establishing a clear baseline report so you can see how much online traffic and lead generation your company is doing online now.

First 7 Days

Within the first seven days marketing your locksmith business we will be able to clean up 99% of location data errors that exist about you online. We publish you in 72 business directories and a dozen locksmith specific directories.

Monthly Reporting

Every thirty days we will follow up with you to report your progress. We make sure to monitor your campaign and build more back links and directory citations manually to track your progress to the first position as often as possible.


Your Locksmith SEO Experts

We know your industry. Having worked with many locksmiths in the last ten years we’ve learned that while we were always great at search engine optimization, locksmith digital marketing is very different than any other kind of client we’ve worked with. Your competitors are just more likely to leave bad reviews or compete in an unfair fashion. We are ready, to set up multiple locations without getting your main business suspended or fighting fire with fire and pulling your competition down while moving you up in rankings. 

We work with only one locksmith per zip code at any given time. Meaning, if you sign up with us for the entire city of Fort Worth, we will not sign up your competition. Getting started with us is easy, give us a call at (714) 735-4988 or fill out the form below and we’ll be right with you.

Why You Need Locksmith SEO Services

In today’s locksmith industry, you need to compete online in order to compete in business. Locksmiths get more of their business from Google search than anywhere else online.  This means utilizing the best seo services that you can find. Either by doing it yourself or utilizing a locksmith seo service company like us. When you do a Google search, most likely you won’t make it to page 2 before contacting a company. Your clients won’t either, which means that if you aren’t consistently showing up on page 1 then you’re losing a ton of business to other locksmiths that are showing up. We make sure our locksmith seo services clients show up on page one often for hundreds of different keyword combinations. Check out our recent article on the best locksmith seo strategy for some more information on exactly how great locksmith seo services work.

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