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Landing Page Best Practices

Building your new landing page can appear to be quite easy. In many ways it is and can be up in a couple hours by using a drag and drop builder.

This is not what we do. We design high converting landing pages in WordPress to cover all the best practices of website design.

Designed To Convert

Make certain you cover all areas of conversion with your new website. You want to make certain the people reading it get a fast loading time and can easily digest the content as it relates to your paid ads.

Best Locksmith Landing Page Website Examples

Check out a recently launched websites at:



This new locksmith landing page has already progressed to rank for many valuable keywords in the Miami marketplace. 

Digital Experience

How We Do It


While some of our clients span states or at least several cities, there is no way for their home page to get the best quality scores in paid search on one web page.

By either setting up a landing page on their existing website or building a stand alone one page website, we want the landing page experience to mirror that of where they came from. Meaning that if they came through an ad for a vehicle lockout in Miami, they should immediately see a photo and content relating to the service/location they were looking for.

Clean Styles

We utilize a deep database of fonts and other ways to accentuate your main selling points on your website.

This includes rotating text and other animated ways to cue the eyes of a potential shopper to your funnel.


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