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Paid Ads

What We Do - Paid Ads

Google AdWords

Optimizing for better quality scores can lower your cost per click and cost per acquisition. We excel at making sure that your marketing dollar is working as hard as possible for you.


While Bing gets only a fraction of the traffic that Google does there are some great reasons to run ads here. Age demographical data shows an older client base, so more established, better paying clients. Also, since ad competition is lower you end up paying only about 20% of the cost per click compared to Google.

Digital Billboards

Show up on demand in high traffic areas at a fraction of the cost of traditional businesses.

Digital Experience

How We Do It

Rotating Ad Copy

By running multiple ad sets we’re able to track what words and the combination of them leads to the highest conversion rates. Most locksmiths start with around 16 to 20 different ads in their first month as we test their marketplace for local data to improve their custom paid search campaing in their areas.

Click To Call

While most industries don’t do well in the click to call ad section of Google search, locksmiths love it. These mean that when you pay for an ad click it is when a potential customer clicks the ad and has had your phone number pop up to place a call to you. 

Local Service Ads - Pay per Lead

Google also offers a comprehensive pay per lead guarenteed service ad section. In order to show up here your locksmith company must be licensed and insured in your area. You must also go through a background check and some other steps to show that Google will have no liability guaranteeing your services. 


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