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Local Search Engine Optimization For Locksmiths

When you open a locksmith company in the United States, you will want your phone to start ringing. One of the quickest ways to do so is by ranking highly in the Google Maps section of the online search when people in your city are looking for a locksmith. Check out our recent local SEO case study to see what results for your business could look like.

  • Google Maps
  • Bing Map Pack
  • Yahoo Local

Locksmith Specific Directory Citations

There are over 80 different online directories of locksmiths. These kinds of websites only list locksmith companies and nothing else. Don’t miss out on valuable opportunities such as these when progressing with your local locksmith rankings. We don’t!







Geotagging Local Images

For a lot of locksmiths covering a large area, it is very hard to get local media to post on your pages online. We can take stock photos or any number of media files and modify the meta data to reflect your local cities latitude and longitude.

  • Local Locksmith Reviews
  • Local Videos
  • Local Locksmith Photos

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How We Do Locksmith Local SEO


Layered Rankings

We get a locksmith to rank highly in the local map pages and underneath as many times as possible. By ranking your Facebook page and website, you will be able to get even more organic calls that, overall, will cost less than Google AdWords for Locksmiths. Get your business to rank as often as possible and for as many keywords gets your locksmith company seen by as many potential customers as possible.

Offers, Events & Posting

We stay extremely active on your local business pages so you don’t have too. This includes coupons, discounts, and welcome offers we will post often to attract both new clients and traffic.

Posting new offers on a daily or weekly basis will have an impact in your local rankings. Google wants to show companies that are being active, this shows them that you have the time to take on new business and will treat their search traffic well.

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Continued Efforts

Working on your behalf we will add more links, posts, and content about your business every month you are a client. We continue pushing forward and getting you higher in rankings because just getting there is not enough. You have to keep pushing your rankings up every month because your competitors are doing the same and will eventually outperform you.

Many locksmith business owners utilize locksmith local SEO in combination with other services like Google AdWords, Organic SEO, and other forms of Paid Advertisement.

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