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Working on your locksmith marketing for a company can be challenging on your own. We’ve created a series of options ranging from free to do for your services on this page regarding locksmith marketing. This way, no matter where you are in your business growth, we have something for everyone looking to scale their locksmith business.

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Get Your Locksmith Business As Many Calls As Possible

We can get your locksmith company as many leads as possible or just enough to keep your company busy. You let your dedicated locksmith marketing team know how many calls you need, and we’ll get right to work. While organically generated leads will always cost less, we aggressively work with paid campaigns as well.

First steps

When first starting your new locksmith business or beginning to market online, there are some basics we’ll cover first. Locksmith marketing can be more difficult than most industries online because it is highly profitable and highly competitive. Your business name is important. Select a name that reflects the ways people are most likely to search for a locksmith in your area. Domain names are the same. See how well we rank for the phrase “Best Locksmith SEO” as one example.

You’ll want to prepare the following or start working on getting them together as a solid foundation to starting out your locksmith digital marketing.

  • PNG or AI formatted logo files
  • Business License
  • Vinyl wrapped work van
  • Website written content, 5k-8k word for full website, and 1k for a one-page landing page.
  • Blog posts
  • Initial Setup of Google My Business page.
  • Sharp team photos in shirts or hats accompanied by your company name.
  • Any related awards or certifications, you have to be a great locksmith. This goes to the question of why your potential customer should hire you over your competitor.
locksmith marketing

We have compiled a list of free tools to help you at no or minimal cost. By utilizing these tools, you will be able to compliment any self-done efforts very quickly to improve the quality of your work.

Next Steps For Your Locksmith Marketing

While some locksmiths starting to want to do as much as possible on their own to keep costs low, others have a desired marketing to be the best marketing for locksmiths possible. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Want to get an idea about what exactly we do for you? Check out our recent article on SEO Strategy for Locksmiths.

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Locksmith SEO

Flat rate services that power the core of your business. Ranking in the top three positions in the local map pack for people searching for a local locksmith is one of the cornerstones of locksmith marketing.

Locksmith Local SEO

Locksmith local search engine optimization requires manual and automated directory citation building. Working with your existing business listings, we can quickly improve your local locksmith rankings in the Google local map pack.

Locksmith Paid Ads

When you want as much work as possible, and as quickly as possible, paid search is the right solution for your locksmith advertising needs. We build custom campaigns for each of our locksmith marketing clients.

Locksmith Website Design

When you get a new website for your locksmith business, you want it to do the best job possible to convert website visitors into paying clients. Our state-of-the-art locksmith website templates are easy to customize and tested to convert more often than 99.9% of locksmith websites.

Locksmith Landing Pages

Sometimes, you need a simple landing page that loads quickly and shows your potential customers the specific locksmith service you are advertising in paid search. Many of our clients have multiple landing pages with us, either on their main website or as a stand-alone one-page website.

Google AdWords For Locksmiths

We run some of the most successful locksmith AdWords campaigns in the United States. We cover all relevant search extensions, quality scores and make certain we keep your phone ringing as often as possible for the lowest possible cost per locksmith call.

Locksmith Organic SEO

Some searches for locksmiths near you would result in people reading your website. Most search users your locksmith business want to reach would do so by finding you in the organic section of Google results. Our organic search engine optimization strategy for locksmiths is the best in the United States.

Locksmith On Site SEO

We make certain that your website has all the extra juice it needs to compete. This includes performance, user experience, and, most importantly, your on-site search engine optimization. This is a fundamental reason our search campaigns for locksmiths are always on top, even in the most competitive cities.

Case Study

We’ll back up every claim we’ve made that we are the best locksmith marketers you’ll find anywhere. Read about our stunning impact on the Locksmith Las Vegas marketplace on behalf of one of our flagship clients, Silver State Locksmith.


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