Best Locksmith Keywords

Best Locksmith Keywords


We have the best locksmith seo strategy dialed in. Working with hundreds of locksmiths in the last 20 years has given us one glaring insight above any other when it comes to locksmith keywords. No longtail keyword phrase or combination of dozens of them will bring in the traffic that the sole word locksmith does.


With this in mind, you want to build a semantic cloud of keywords around your one core keyword that you are targeting. Subsequently, you will rank for all the long tail keywords you would have wanted to go after as well, just that over 90% of your traffic will still come from shortail “locksmith” keywords.

We have also made a easy to copy full Locksmith Keyword List you can check out for use in your locksmith digital marketing campaigns.


Best Locksmith Keyword List


We have developed a few different keyword lists for different uses. Starting with the core or primary list seems best. We use these as the most central cornerstones of a good digital marketing campaign.

  • Locksmith
  • Locksmith by me
  • Locksmith near me
  • Local locksmith
  • <your city> locksmith
  • Locksmith +zip code
  • Emergency locksmith
  • Home locksmith
  • Commercial locksmith
  • Car locksmith
  • Emergency locksmith

Depending on what services you offer this will be your primary locksmith keyword list. To build on top of this though, you can utilize our semantic keyword list as well as an extra list of top long tail locksmith keywords.

Semantic Keywords for Locksmiths


Semantic or synonymous keywords are those that are not exactly what you’d like but are so similar in their combined use this will show Google what your website is the most relevant too. Check out our article on semantic indexing for more information on the application and process of usage.


  • Key Maker
  • Safe Cracker
  • Cobbler
  • Engineer
  • Lock pick
  • Locksmithery
  • Lock and Key

While these are the ones we utilize the most often, you must be careful to balance your user experience in front of the content density and semantic cloud you are trying to build.

Top long tail locksmith keywords


Long tail keywords are longer and more specific search terms a potential customer would use when they are closer to taking action. Each locksmithing business is different. Ideally, you would want to target from the below list the services that produced the maximum profit for your business such as “office building re key”. Now, a long tail keyword phrase like this one isn’t going to pull a ton of traffic but the high value of such a transaction makes just a few of these search queries reaching your business extremely valuable.

Locksmith long tail keyword list

  • Auto lock out service
  • Residential locksmith for re key
  • Duplicate key service
  • Commercial locksmith for armory
  • Local locksmith for my car
  • New Keys for my car
  • Best local locksmith by me

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