Best Locksmith SEO Strategy – Part 2

Monthly SEO Tasks

Working on monthly tasks is part of ongoing locksmith seo services. In order to get to the top of Google Search rankings, you need to both out perform existing competition that outranks you as well as keep up efforts so that you can stay ahead of competitors chasing you. Using the best locksmith seo strategy walkthrough, you should be able to double or triple your growth in 2021.

When getting ready to perform monthly tasks some areas to pay attention to are your Google My Business Posts, posting new photos to your website and directory listings, doing new blogs on your website and evaluating your review acquisition strategies. 

For more monthly seo task ideas, check out a major agencies monthly agendas.

Adding New Directory Citations

While adding directory citations is always a good measure to increase both local map pack and organic rankings, you may not want to do everything at once. This is because when a business opens up immediately pouring hundreds of links online, these links appear very much like spam. Not at all will your locksmith business look like it is slowly, organically growing.

In order to simulate slow growth, it’s best to start with a couple links a day or several throughout the week. Going slower in the first 30 to 90 days means you lower the possibility of Google deindexing your website or possibly just not ranking organically at all.

By slowly adding at most, 15 to 30 new backlinks that are not guest posts a month, you will be able to see the steady growth of your locksmith website’s rankings.

Locksmith Guest Posts

Locating websites that will accept a guest post in any industry is difficult. Locksmith guest posts are no different as their are a limited amount of areas that exist on the internet that will take them. However, one such website is

Guest posts are the idea that your business can do a guest post with a written piece of content that will then link back to your main website. In order to be done in good faith, the back link must also be somewhat relevant to the site that it is coming from as well. For example, placing a guest post about your locksmith services in Denver on a website about puppies or dogecoin would not be to helpful to you.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is the words you see on a back link. For example, in the above content section you’ll see a blue highlighted phrase of “locksmith services in Denver”. This is intentionally not the company’s name that it is linked to. Mainly because Google views website’s as most relevant to their surrounding anchor text that is placed on a back link.

However, many websites that do offer to take a blog post do not allow you to pick what anchor text they use. This is fine as well, but exact keyword phrase matches to your anchor text that are the point of the guest posts is always best.

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