11 Locksmith Advertising Tips

Aggresive marketing Tips For Your Locksmith Business

  1. Name your locksmith business something close to how people would search for our business. “Los Angeles Locksmith” with a website address of losangeleslocksmith.com would be ideal as an example.
  2. Set up Google Analytics, call tracking and your Google My Business page insights tracking. This way you’ll be able to see how all the business that is making your phone ring is coming to you.
  3. Use power colors for your brand. Bright blues, American flag themes and vibrant colors so you provide a lasting reason people will remember your brand years after they used you the first time.
  4. Use a CRM, this will make certain that you are able to remarket to previous clients in the future of your business. It was expensive enough to acquire them the first time, saving their contact information for use in later sms marketing campaigns and email marketing campaigns is important.
  5. Put out humorous or instructional Youtube videos about what you do.
  6. Make sure you have a quick loading, sharp website that provides a relevant user experience when potential customers come to it.
  7. Don’t be afraid to use paid advertising when you start out. While it will have the highest cost per acquisition over other traffic channels the reason for the cost is that it works quickly and is guaranteed business. Once you have an established client base and other traffic channels like organic coming in you can lower your paid ad budget or eliminate it entirely.
  8. Working on business partnerships with local hotels or large organizations can net you some very lucrative contracts. You won’t get called often but when you do the payoff could be to change hundreds of locks for one building or company.
  9. Vinyl wrapped work vans are the lowest cost form of lead generation over time. As soon as you get a few good sized calls, it’s paid for itself and will bring a return years down the road for your business.
  10. Stay away from duplicate key services. For the most part they are something a client would go get a copy at a Home Depot or Walmart for and will take up more time than they provide a revenue source. Now if you do have a retail location you my as well offer this, but for a mobile locksmith it just doesn’t make much sense as a stand alone service offering.
  11. Don’t be afraid of advertising, people are not just going to find you out of the blue and there are hundreds of people looking for a locksmith this week in your marketplace.

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