Locksmith Google My Business Page Suspension – Best 2023 Edition

How to Get Your Locksmith Business Verified on Google My Business

Locksmith Google My Business Suspension

Locksmith Google My Business suspension is the number one way your business can go from thriving to struggling, pretty much overnight. Being verified as a locksmith on Google My Business is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your locksmith business is found by potential customers. It’s hard work, but the effort pays off. When users search for “locksmith near me”, your business will be listed at the top of their results if you are verified with Google My Business and you get your business to rank in the local map section of Google Search. Here are some of the basic steps to get you started.

Now, if you’re a legitimate business person with a locksmith shop in your city, you probably feel pretty wronged by the process right now. That’s okay though, we’ve helped hundreds of locksmiths get their Google My Business page out of suspension and back to making the income your company needs to be successful. Mainly, Google wants your business to succeed, but is wary of locksmiths as a category because of all the lead generation companies trying to game their internal securities.

When your business has a strong physical location like Bob’s Lock, Safe & Key in Salt Lake City, Utah, you rarely have any problems with keeping your locksmith business out of suspension. Even when one of this companies locations was put into a brief suspension due to an internal employees name change, we were able to quickly rectify the issue and get the page back live and earning for this business owner. This is because of all of the solid foundational work done on other websites to provide a place Google can verify that this business is a real location. Check out the hundreds of organic and map rankings for all Bob’s Lock locations in Salt Lake City as a great client example of what we could also do for your business.

The Verification Process

Beware of cheesy gimmicks like this one, you always need an address and quick and dirty methods like this usually lead to long term suspensions.

Google requires that all businesses have a physical address in order to be eligible for verification. When your business is a mobile locksmith business only, consider showing your address anyway. This is because of two reasons. First, your business will just get less traffic if you don’t show your address. This is because Google can not see how relevant you are to a search users location without your location showing. Secondly, you will face many problems with verification of your business with the local maps section if you do not show your address.

If you meet this requirement, then getting verified is simple—just submit a request and wait for verification from Google. The process usually takes around 5-7 days, but sometimes it can take longer if there are any issues with your application or if more information is required. Once approved, you will receive an email notification that your business has been successfully verified on GMB.

Directory Citations & How They Help With Verification

When initially setting up Google My Business pages for your business, consider first setting up secondary citations so that Google can see your business exists elsewhere when they go to verify your business. These secondary websites will show trust and authority for your business information already exists on other platforms. Such websites include:

Post-Verification Considerations

Once your locksmith business is verified on GMB, there are still several things you should consider doing in order to maximize its visibility online. For example, make sure that all of the information listed on GMB matches what is listed elsewhere online (such as your website and other directories). This ensures that potential customers will find accurate and up-to-date information about your business no matter where they look online. You should also regularly update GMB with new photos and promotions so that users know what services you offer and how to contact you for more info. Finally, it’s important to monitor user reviews so that you can address any customer concerns quickly and effectively.

How To Finish Getting Verified On Google My Business As A Locksmith

Getting verified as a locksmith on Google My Business isn’t easy—but it’s definitely worth it! Not only does being verified help increase trust among potential customers, but it also increases visibility which can lead to more leads and sales for your business. Just make sure to stay vigilant about keeping all of your information up-to-date and responding promptly to customer reviews in order to get the most out of this valuable resource! Good luck! We’re here to help get your page out of suspension or create a totally new locksmith Google My Business page for your company to advertise online with.

Other Things To Watch Out For As A Locksmith Advertising On Google

Recently, these last couple years, many locksmiths have experienced external attacks. Again to reference Bob’s Lock in Utah, this happened to them recently. If you refer to the graph of links below, you’ll notice many are in a foreign language and don’t help customers understand what your business does well.

Links on pages like these are so harmful, oftentimes you can lose your local Google My Business pages just from having such spammy links to your website. On top of this they lower your site’s domain authority and overall traffic. Below you can see that while our client was getting more traffic to his website than in the history of his business, such recent attacks have recently drastically lowered the amount of traffic he’s currently getting this last week.
Client signed up with us mid 2022 after experiencing a large loss in traffic for his locksmith business.

How To Fix Negative SEO Attacks On Locksmith Like This & Avoid Getting Suspended On Google My Business

In order to fix such negative SEO attacks, the very first step is to complete a disavow process with Google. Simply gather a list of links that are harmful to your overall campaign and submit them via Google search console. In addition, when a client gets attacked for the first time, they are likely to experience subsequent attacks and usually it’s a good idea to shift to monitoring all links on a daily basis until such attacks stop.

While most businesses do not ever experience a negative search engine optimization attack, locksmiths that start to rank extremely well are often the first target of these from their competition that is losing business to your successful digital marketing campaign. Our software routinely scans for such attacks on a monthly basis, every 3 days, and can be repaired within one business day. Good luck with getting your Google My Business Page suspension issue taken care of if that’s what you stopped by to read up on, we’re here to help with every part of your locksmith business online if you’d like to reach out to us.

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