7 Powerful Locksmith Marketing Tips for 2021

How to Start Marketing your New Locksmith Company?

Locksmith Marketing Tips
Getting Ready To Market Your New Locksmith Company – Locksmith Marketing Tips

You can market your locksmith company in a way that will appeal to potential customers. You could use search engine marketing, social media marketing, paid search ads, and even offer discounted coupons for new clients that have had their locks changed for the first time. Take advantage of the fact that people are always looking for new locksmiths by getting them hooked on your best services with great customer service and fair pricing!

Sounds easy right? Trust us, it will take weeks if not months of work on your end to start seeing your phone ring from online leads.

How We Do Locksmith Marketing

Digital marketing is an essential part of the locksmith business today. If you want to succeed with your business you should learn how to do it as well as possible so you can get more customers for your company. Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a company like us to get your phone ringing, being educated about digital marketing means you will be able to understand a crucial part of how your business works.

Can You Simply Not Market Your Locksmith Company?

Should you already have enough referrals to keep busy then sure, you could simply not advertise. However, not many locksmiths have this steady flow of business and no new locksmith company will. Simply put, your customers are looking online for a locksmith all year round. Show up and convert them into paying customers of your business or they will quickly find a locksmith who did the best digital marketing in your area.

Best marketing matters, because only the top few locksmiths are getting 90% or more of the calls generated online. People just don’t make it past the first page of a search engine when looking to call a locksmith. Showing up somewhere in the long line of options that exist in your geographical area is not enough, you need to show up in the top three spots on search engines in order to generate a serious amount of business.

Building Customer Retention

If you work on improving customer retention for your service business, you’ll have a customer base that is buying from you year-round. If your customer retention is low, customers will have to be replaced with every new order. Low retention means a high cost to generate new customers and lost sales opportunities.

Here are some methods for improving customer retention that will work for most service businesses:

1. Make sure your customers know what they are getting when they sign up for your service and make them happy about it. If the service isn’t working out, try to improve the quality in a way that will help fix the problem before delivering the service or refunding them. Don’t let an unhappy customer leave your business without their money or services rendered to satisfaction. This isn’t possible 100% of the time but the first bad or scathing review you get is going to cost you dozens of calls. Avoid bad reviews at all costs, ask for good ones as often as possible.

2. Show customer testimonials on your website. This is a great way to show customers that your business has quality products while still allowing them the chance to compare before they buy.

3. Offer discounts for repeat customers, and even better, tie it into their identities somehow so that you know who their friends are. For example, if a customer buys a touchless entry device twice from you in two years, offer them a discount on their next installation for the same location or that of a friend’s address.

4. Partner with another company in your service areas such as a financial institution or an insurance agency to provide additional value to customers who need it.  For example, if you’re offering locksmith services then team up with investment companies and other financial entities to market your services to customers who probably won’t know where to go. If someone has a high level of financial investment, they need top-notch security for their money, and locksmith services are great at providing that extra sense of security.

If you have more locksmith marketing tips you’d like to add to this article please contact us to make the addition. We always welcome good feedback.

Don’t Settle For Nothing When It Comes To Your Locksmith Marketing

Locksmith work is tough work. We know from working with hundreds of locksmiths doing similar work to what you do every day. That’s why we’re here for you, always ready to work hard – day or night – to get your phone ringing with loyal customers that are looking for a locksmith in your area.

It’s time to abandon the passive attitude towards marketing and take an aggressive position on the field of battle. Your best defense as a locksmith business owner? An offense so sharp it can cut through steel, son!

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