Starting a Locksmith Business, Strong in 2021

Starting a Locksmith Business new in 2021 can be a real challenge. Locksmiths are a great service for households that need an emergency lock change or key replacement. Unfortunately, being a locksmith certainly is not always an easy career to get into, and it can often take years of training before someone is really considered ready to start working independently. Once you get started on your own or for a company, it can be difficult building your new business or revenue stream up to a satisfactory level.

The highest locksmith level any of us can obtain is Master Locksmith status, and there is a proven path to getting it every single time. We’re going to break it down, so you know what steps to take in order to become certified at our most advanced level. Before we do that, though, we’ll go over how Master Locksmiths got their start and why they are the only ones who should be considered true expert locksmiths.

Mastering The Basics of Starting locksmith Business

No matter where you are in your career as a locksmith or even an up-and-coming apprentice professional, it’s important that you learn all you can about lock technology. This isn’t just for the sake of knowing, either. It’s so you can turn your knowledge of lock technology into an arsenal of fast and easy solutions that help your customers in their time of need. This will save everyone time and make your locksmith career more profitable.

If you haven’t learned much about lock smithing yet, then one good place to start is an Introduction To Lock Picking course or our overview article titled the Basics Of Locks And Keys. Both resources will teach you everything from how basic lock bumping works to learning exactly what different types of keys do on a mechanical level.

The next step after mastering all these options is taking yourself through a Master Key Systems Explained course, where we go over some of the most common master key systems out there like Medeco and Schlage. From there, you can move on to selecting tools to help build your locksmith career.

Securing Your Market Share As A Locksmith

If all that sounds good so far, and you’re getting ready to tackle it all, then you should know that at some point along the way you’ll be learning something called lock bumping. This is a very illegal method of forcing locks open or picking keys, like we’ve described above. While lock bumping always has been and will always be illegal in the United States, many other countries around the world have no such law on the books and are perfectly fine with you picking the locks of their businesses or homes.

The main reason why lock bumping is illegal in America is because it makes the job of a licensed locksmith much harder if not impossible to do. With that said, there are 100% legal ways to pick Master Key systems like we’ve described above, which does not include any kind of lock bumping activity at all. You can use our Perfect Pick Sets courses to learn everything there is to know about them and start using them as quickly as possible inside your own company, so You’re able to charge higher prices for services that every other locksmith out there will either be hesitant or completely unwilling to provide.

Picking Locks A Key Component Of Master Locksmith Certification

If you’ve done your homework, and you’re ready to learn how to pick locks, then the next step is going to be going through an Advanced Lock Picking courses where we take a serious look at some of the more advanced ways of doing this. We have several different learning paths that will help turn you into an even better lock picker, including a traditional course based around high security cylinder locks and another one focused on combination locks. There’s also an introduction course specifically for picking out padlocks, which obviously isn’t as hard as the others but still has its own methods and techniques.

Once you’ve completed any or all of those courses, it’s time for us to start teaching everything opening locks legally while still having the skills to pick out locks illegally just in case things don’t work out with your career path.

Establishing Yourself As A Successful & Secure Businessman (or Woman)

Regardless of where you decide to take your education as a professional locksmith, it’s important that you remember why you started learning in the first place; security. For many people, their own home is the most secure place they’ll ever live until they move onto something better for themselves. While that may seem simple enough to understand, the truth is a little more complicated than that because no house can truly be safe all the time unless you add an extra level of security on top of what comes with your deadbolts and doors. This is why every home should have at least one high-tech security system in place like our System Sensor product, which offers great ways to keep everyone from intruders to burglars out of your space fast.

Every good business needs a website, check out some of our recent locksmith website designs. Starting a locksmith business is a tough endeavor for someone and their first time opening a business. However, we are here to help you, we will be here to assist with all sorts of things right from the beginning when you’re starting a locksmith business for the first time.

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